our business

Our Business Model


We negotiate off-take oil and gas agreements from producers, refineries and blenders.


We use our global logistics experience and capabilities to transport oil and gas molecules via vessels, barges, pipelines and road tankers. Safely, efficiently and reliably to our end-users and third-party customers.


We store petroleum products in our storage terminal or with third party storage terminals


We sell physical commodities to our regional/global customers on either FOB or Delivered basis to their nominated disport or receiving receptacle.

Business Origination

Beluga’s origination team identifies a business opportunity that creates a platform to support and add value to our core trading activities. They are responsible for building markets, business platforms and customer awareness of our capabilities to execute transactions. They are an important driver of the overall corporate trading strategy. We originate business around strong corporate governance principles and practice.

Our Business

Physical trading is what we do effectively, efficiently and safely. We source, we ship, we store and blend and we transact. Beluga trades across the crude oil barrel. We have logistical experience and operational capabilities, which ensures we execute all our transaction safely. Our trading strategy is based on strong research around fundamentals and technical analysis and disciplined risk management.

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