our strategy

Our Structure

Our structure is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships for trading opportunities and asset origination.

Four Decisions Driving Our Growth

Our Values

All businesses conducted by beluga is based around integrity and high ethical standards, a culture of teamwork, compliance and good corporate governance.

Our management team continually strives to foster this culture and works to ensure there is a continual adherence to high ethical standards. Our code of conduct ensures all employees maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency. Beluga ensures our values are applicable to legislative and regulatory regimes of the areas we operate and adhere to all international sanctions.

We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption in our business. Our regulatory team, have a rigorous anti bribery corruption policy and procedures, that all Beluga employees and third party customers we engage must adhere strictly too.

  • Governance
  • Code Of Conduct
  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Healthy, Safety & Environment
  • Anti Bribery & Corruption
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